Spectrum MEP Consulting
International MEP Design Services

Manchester - Edinburgh
Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Riyadh
Muscat - Macau - Hong Kong

Spectrum MEP Consulting is a consortium of three leading UK Building Services Engineering Consultancies, united to provide effective design services solutions to property development and construction professionals.

The collaboration partners are SI Sealy, Gill Massey and Hannan Associates with a combined 96 years in business. The partners have extensive experience in a number of sectors and of a variety of project type and size. Together they have the capability to manage and deliver projects ranging from building surveys to projects valued in excess of £300m with international design teams.

With offices strategically located in the UK and also the United Arab Emirates, we have a total staff base of over 200. We also have Associate Offices in Riyadh, Muscat, Macau, Hong Kong and India. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with unparalleled service quality, innovative design solutions and customer focus.

Phone: +44(0)161 430 2044